Tools and techniques.


CNC Mill

Tormach 1100M+. Tormach accessories, SMW fixture plate, SMW mod vises and Orange vises.

weld shop 007.JPG

TIG Welder

Miller Dynasty 210 DX with Coolmate 3 chiller


Manual Lathe

Precision Mathews PM-1440E LB. That’s Large Bore. 14x40 with 2” through spindle bore.


Tool and Cutter Grinder

Hybco 1900 Universal Cutter and Grinder with Hybco 2100 relief cutting attachment

weld table.jpg

Weld Table

800lb table re purposed from a medium sized radial drill base.

jet belt sander.PNG


Jet belt/disc sander. Faithful copy of post WWII delta/rockwell sander.

Tool Setting Touch Off Technique

In spindle tool length measuring compatible with Haimer 3d taster and probably other probes